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TV Theme Songs ...You can down load the song!
AMEN I've seen almost every episode of AMEN. FYI the story was based in Philadelphia.

Bosom BuddiesI thought this show was funny, but my mom wouldn't allow me to watch it because she didn't think I should watch a show about two men dressing up as women. But I love the theme song!

Different StrokesNow I've seen every episode of Different Strokes "what you talkin' bout Willis" hahhaha that still cracks me up.

Family Ties This show is cool. I really like Michael J. Fox and how conservative he was on the show. The song is very nice.

Cheers I've almost seen every episode but I'm catching up by watching the reruns on Fox late at night. This is the full vesion of the theme song, it's funny.

Knight Rider This show was cool and I always wished I could be rich and buy a car like Kit. FYI this is the real version not Busta Rhymes adaption even though that song is bangin' too.

Scooby Doo I love this cartoon and I swear Shaggy and Scooby are black or they were based on black people. Fo' real 'doe. Check it out.

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