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I've got quite a few emails from people asking why I place so much information about myself on the Internet. Well this is what I wrote to answer them:

I once read on someone's webpage " It is amusing to see how easily people are willing to divulge information about themselves via a WWW page. They feel a sense of security from the isolation that the computer brings them. This phenomenon makes a statement: people want others to know about their "true" person - they want to form a connection. The opposite is true in the real, three-dimensional world, where cold stares and false words hide all...

" Well I don't care about that. Even though what he says is true, I don't get all worried about stuff being on the web. If you (or anybody else) wanted to do me harm, I'm sure you would find a way, with or without this webpage. It just bothers me when so many people get worried about having information on the they are that important for someone to try to hurt them or stalk them or something. Get real people, the odds of that happening are slim to none. But you know how ironic life can be, I say all this now and next week I'll have some crazy stalker following my every move. Hahaha...whatever, I'm only having fun."