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My Single Life


I am truly a nice, intelligent, young, beautiful lady but for some reason I can not find that special someone in my life. If you think you can fulfill this position or have some time to spare, please fill out this query. Also: If you just want to meet someone new, fill this out!




Sex (Males only please..I don't get down like that!): male female

Height (I like tall guys *hint):

Weight (doesn't matter but no one over 300 pounds please!):

Describe Yourself (This is optional! I'm not superficial but it would be nice if you had all your own(hopefully) teeth, both eyes(20/20 vision corrected) and both arms/legs):

Occupation (hopefully you have a job--at least some source of income...I'm tired of supporting broke men!):

Level of Education:

some elementary

some high school


high school diploma

some college

B.A. Masters Ph.D



Favorite Sitcom (I love Seinfeld and the Simpsons, if you wanted to know):

Favorite cartoon (Mine's al the Peanuts characters):

Say Anything:

Email Address:


Thanks for filling this out, I'll reply as soon as possible:-)

*The main purpose of this is to have some fun, so don't take this TOO seriously!

~Camille XOXO

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