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Internet Shopping 101

Okay, I'm prepared to admit it. I'm addicted to shopping online! (whew, I finally said it out loud). Anyway, I just get so happy when I find something really cheap like CDs, books, and other crap I spend my money on. And I really enjoy just sitting here (usually at work) shopping. And the utlimate high is coming home to a package or answering the door and the UPS/Federal Express/etc. truck is double parked in front of your house. All man, I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. Anyway, I digrese (did I spell that right?)... below I've complied some cool places to shop on the net. And don't worry about someone stealing your credit card numbers or anything like that. These places listed are extremely secure (believe me!). Note: whenever you see https://blah blah blah that means it's a secure site, if you just see http://blah blah that means it's pretty open. Just thought you should know. Well have fun shopping!

Online Shopping Tips:

  1. Have your credit card (or just the numbers and expiration date) at arms length.
  2. If you are afraid of using your credit card online, most places will allow you to send checks, but this will take longer (just use your credit card...don't be afraid!)
  3. Make sure you ordered the right amount! You'll feel pretty silly when you have 10 copies of Jamiroquai's new CD.
  4. Before you actually buy something, like a CD check out other stores, (for instance: if you want a CD, go to or then buy the cheaper one).
  5. Sometimes you have to pay shipping fees, just keep that in the back of your mind.
  6. It's always nice to buy gifts for other people (especially ME!)

Barnes & Nobles
Want some discount books?
As you can tell from reading my webpage that I'm a very poor college student, but at the same time I like to spend money. So I try to get everything for free or as close to it as possible. So if you want some cheap books, check out Barnes & Nobles. Please click here and buy some books!!
Go to Barnes & Noble or click here
Bargain Books

They sell everything here! I just brought three CDs from them (Jamiroquai's new one, Wu-Tang - 36 Chambers, and Eminem - Slim Shady).

You can sell and buy stuff here. If you have anything laying around the house, or something you want to sell but just aren't sure if anyone will actually buy it. Well place it on eBay for just $2 (flat rate) then sell people will bid on it. This is really cool, you can actually find stuff here really cheap!

Big Words
Are you a colleget student? Do you hate to pay $98 for a stupid physics 101 book? Would you like to buy that same buy cheaper? If you answered yes to any of these trite questons, then go to Big Words NOW! You can find some good deals. Also this helps if your book store is out of stock.