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HTML & WEBPAGES -want to learn?

Many people have asked me to "how do I make a webpage" or "how can I get your webpage to look like mine"? First I have to say "I never give my secrets away... for free". But since I'm such a nice person, I will lead you in the right direction (for free!... but if you want to pay me please email me and we can discuss arrangments).


For Your Information: HTML stands for [ Hyper Text Mark-Up Language ]


Step One

I would recommend downloading a html tutorial and printing it out. It will give you a basic outline as to the snytax and all the other information you may need, to make a basic webpage. I recommend you printing it out because you can use it as a reference book. For instance, if you forget the snytaz to insert a picture, just open the tutorial and find it. Below are a couple of links to tutorials, you can find your own by going to any search engining and looking for html tutorial.


Step Two

I recommend that you practice with some html code. If you want to be a true html programmer, you have to write the code (not let a software package do it for you)... come on, don't be lazy, use your OWN brain and write the code. For example:

1. open notepad (or some text editor similar)

2. type the following

 Camille is the <b> most </b>  beautiful <i>woman</i> on this planet!
 I am <h2> very </h2> happy she is helping me learn HTML. I will forever 

 be <font face="Terminal"> greatful </font> to her! 

3. go to FILE and save the file as test.html

4. now open that file

5. you shoud see something similar to:

 Camille is the most beautiful woman on this planet! I am


happy she is helping me learn HTML. I will forever be greatful to her!


See wasn't that simple? That's basically how you make a webpage. Of course you need more content and a lot more html code. I just wanted you to get a general idea how we do it! So now its up to you to read the HTML TUTORIAL and play around with different tags (tags are the < whatever > ). But you will find out more about that once you READ the tutorial.

Want more practice or code information like this? Check this out!! HELP


Step Three

Now you know how to code and make a webpage. Next step is to design your page and place it on the web.


All I want to say about webpage design is, whatever you do, no matter how cool YOU think it looks... make sure end users (people who come to your webpage) CAN read it! I often find myself at webpages with very cool backgrounds and graphics... one problem -- I can't READ THE TEXT! So when you make your page, remember if you have a dark background, you will need light text. If you use a background (like a picture) make sure the end user can read any words on the page. Also, remember not everyone has a large screen. When making the page, think about difference size computer screens.

Design Check List (things to consider):

    • colors
    • graphics
    • can the user understand your format?
    • do all your links work?
    • is it too cluttered?
    • spell check (as you can tell I never spell check my pages, but hey... do as I say not as I do)

Get it On the Web

To place your webpages on the web, you have to find a company that offers free webspace or if you want your own domain (example: you would have to pay for something like that *don't try that link, I just made it up*). These free webspace companies are easy to find and use. Below are a couple of them.