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This is my birthday card to you. I know I could have found a pre-made card on the web but I wanted to make something and be orginal. I came up with this idea sitting in my economics class, I hope you like it and it makes you smile.

Top 10 Reasons to be 24

10. You're young
9. But not too young
8. You can still "fit in" at the club
7. Your car insurance goes down
6. You're old enough to know what you're talking about
5. If you square 2 and 4, then add them together, you're 20 years old all over again
4. You won't be 40 for another 16 years
3. You can still get away with wearing baggy clothes
2. Did I mention your car insurance goes down?

and the number one reason to be 24 is....

1. You're Only 24 Once, So Make the Best Out of It!!!

Dear Phil,
Happy Birthday! I wish I were closer and could do more for you on your special day. But this card is from my heart. Happy birthday again and have fun.

With love,