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May 24, 1999
Page 9

This weekend I hung out with the girls. Something I haven't done in a long time, actually I was starting to think I didn't have any friends who happen to be girls that I hang out with. But Friday all five of us piled into my Regal and rode around. Well I don't want to bore you with the details but it was an all right weekend.

Sunday I watched the movie Meet Joe Black. And must say I was very entertained. And watching the movie I fell in love with Brad Pitt. I know, you're thinking, "Come on Camille, Brad Pitt?" Well yes, Brad Pitt, he's just a very beautiful/handsome man, with out a doubt. And I think he's a pretty good actor also. Also watch Brad and being to lust over him made me start to think about interracial dating.

Usually I'm not attracted to white guys. I mean, most of them just don't look that appealing to me. But then again, on occasion I'll come across one that I wouldn't mind getting to know a little better. To me if a guy is good looking and interesting, I'll probably go out with him. It really shouldn't matter, as long as we BOTH are comfortable. Now a days, differences are really attracting me. I'm tried of being around people just like me. It's like, if I live in the same room, how will I ever expand my mind and learn new things. Isn't this the age for me to experiment? You never know what you may find if you cross the tracks.