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May 20, 1999
Page 8

Okay this week I've averaged 4 hours asleep a night! Man, I really think my body will shut down one day, hopefully on the weekend…because I can't afford to miss work! Anyway, last night I saw Star Wars. I must say I was disappointed. First, since my stupid sister made me pick her up, we were late and had to sit in the front ROW! We sat so close I started to get eye aches. I mean the screen was so huge, I could see it with my glasses off! Okay, now I'm exaggerating but you get the idea. Well all in all it was a good movie but I got kind of bored and almost fell asleep during it. But hey, don't take my word for it, see it for yourself!

Anyway, some guy asked me "what do I look for in a man?" today and I gave him my little idea on the subject. First of all I got the four things from a Prince song (I forget which one, but he sings…"I'll give you my heart, mind, body and time"…if you know the name of this song, email me…I think it's a kind of old song). Anyway, I wrote him…

  • Well there are four things I look for and want from a man: his heart, mind, body and time (not in any order). Now don't get me wrong...I'm not looking for a husband or anything just yet (I'm too young and too inexperience to settle down just yet), but I just think those four things are important.

  • I look for a guy's heart to see if he has compassion, passion and will be able to love me the way I want to be love. Some people in this world really don't care about others and only seek personal gain.

  • I look for his mind because intelligence is very important to me; I like my man to be aware of what is going on and can carry on a decent conversation with out me explaining things to him.

  • I look at the body because attractiveness is part of the total package. I have to be physically attracted to you before anything can happen, also to make sure my man is strong (that's also important). I'm not vain or anything, I'm just being honest.

  • And I look for time because the only way for you to get to know someone or eventually love someone is to spend time with that person so you can see there habits and find out if you really like them or enjoy being around them. Also I want my man to be able to spend time with me. Now I don't want to be under him 24/7 but if we were going to be together, I would like us to be together sometimes (you know what I mean?)

    Yup, that's what I told him. Anyway, I'll spare you by keeping this entry semi - short. Stay tuned.
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    30 more days until my birthday!