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April 30, 1999
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TGIF! I am so happy the weekend is here. Not that the week is extremely stressful for me but I just like the idea of not doing anything (you know what I mean?). Anyway, how are you? Sike naw, let me stop buggin. I'm a very good mood and that's a variety for me, I'm not usually mad but I'm not happy. I just can't explain it.

Anyway, last week my coolant light came on while I was driving. So being the ignorant person I am I ignored it and kept on driving. Until it came on again, so I decided to look under the hood. NOTE: I must tell you, the most I know about cars is how to drive them and put gas in them. So to my surprise (or course) I was out of anti-freeze/coolant stuff. So I brought some, I had to pay $6 for it! So the next day while I was driving the light came on again. Of course, now I think I'm going crazy because I just filled it up last night. So I eventually I look under the hood and I'm extremely low on anti-freeze/coolant again! Okay, I'm not a rocket scientist but I figured my car must be leaking or something. So I look under the car and of course, there was this oil spot. This is where I start to think illogically.

So my car is leaking. That must mean there is a hole some where. Great! I can solve that. So I decided to look under my hood, and find out where the leak is coming from. Once I find the leak, I'll just get some good ol' electrical tape and tape it up! Simple, right? WRONG! I can't believe I was really prepared to do that. I don't know why I didn't think of just going to the car shop, maybe I was being cheap or I was being lazy but it never dawned on me to seek professional help.

So after telling a few friends of my plan to fix my car trouble with tape or glue and then being made fun of I reluctantly asked my dad to put my car in the shop. So they fixed my little car problem and inspected my car. And guess how much I had to pay? $193! Can you believe it? As you know from reading this diary, I'm a college student and I'm extremely poor. Anyway, now I owe my dad $193 (not to mention all the other money I OWE my dad). Anyway, I'm bored and I wrote enough...stay tuned!