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April 23, 1999
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Yesterday I received my fourth parking ticket this month! I average a parking ticket a week! I feel so bad but at the same time shafted. I donít purposely park were Iím not suppose to. Only one ticket was my fault. Last Saturday I was on this HORRIBLE date (I don't know if I should really call it a date because he's a friend from back in the day (high school) and I really wasn't trying to see anyone else like that right now, except for this someone special in DC....anyway, read on) with this kid who had no conversation at all. First of all Iím not attracted to him, second he gained at least 30 pounds since the last time I saw him, and third he mumbles when he talks so I can barley understand him and lastly, when I can understand him heís saying, he says something that I think is stupid and corny, so basically he has no conversation! Okay, I know you are wondering why did I agree to go out with him? Well, I try to be nice and spare peopleís feelings and I havenít seen him in about four months so I thought he had to change. But when I saw him and he opened his mouth to speak, and his words hit my ears I realized why I really donít care for him.

Anyway, we went to south street to walk up and down, like everyone else (I'm kind of tired of south street, it should only be used as a last resort if you can't think of anything better to do). Note, I was walking a little in back of him because I really didnít want anyone to know I was with him. I know that sounds bad, but I was just having these bad thoughts, but I treated him nice the whole night (and believe me that took every ounce of my will power from jumping in my car and telling him Iím driving him home right away). So to make a long story short I was so ready to leave and having a difficult time finding a parking space, SO I parked in front of a donít park here between such and such hours sign. It was around 11:30pm so I thought meter maids donít work that late or something. OH NO, those meter maids never SLEEP. I came back to my car and there was a $25 ticket on my window. Being the dramatic person I am, I through my body on the hood of my car and screamed. Everyone turned around and stared as I yelled, "Anther ticket! Another freakiní ticket, thatís the third one this month." I jumped in my car and speed away. I surly was heated!

So yesterday, I placed two hours worth of quarters in the meter at 6pm, when I came back to my car it was about 8pm and there was a $15 ticket waiting for me. I was like what the frap! How I get a ticket, note I yelled again, I canít contain my angry when stupid things happen. I swear the meter clock was 10 minutes fast! I really canít afford these bills. Okay Iíve ranted enough for one day. But stay tuned Iím sure Iíll have some more tomorrow.