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June 16, 1999
Page 12

Last night I went to the Chris Rock comedy show and I gotta say I almost busted my gut from laughing so hard. That man is extremely funny. I laughed at everything that came out of his mouth. And it's so weird but a lot of the things he talked about; relationships, racism, and parents were true and made you look at them on a different level. I think by watching him on stage (the blue outfit her wore was very questionable) made me a fan for life.

Right now I'm sitting at work, just wasting time until I can jump in my car. It's so weird today I've been very popular. First a friend from school emailed me and asked can we hang out, so I'm picking her up at 6 tonight. Then this guy who I met over the Internet called, so it was cool hearing from him for the first time in real tim. He said he would call me later tonight, but you know how guys are. They sometimes have problems calling when they say they will. Anyway, then another friend (from the Internet of course) called me. We had a nice conversation but I feel kind of bad because I really wasn't paying attention due to some crap I was doing (writing an email, surfing then net and trying to look like I'm actually working). You know I have a problem of not paying attention on the phone, but I fake it really good.

Like once, I was talking on the phone with this guy and he was talking about something that really didn't interest me. So I picked up my book and began to read. I read a whole chapter (they were short chapters) and he didn't even notice! Some people are non-receptive.

Anyway, I'm bored now. I rented a couple movies from Blockbuster Monday (the day I walked in the rain). I got the Graduate, Enter the Dollhouse and Lady Sings the Blues. So far I've only seen Enter the Dollhouse. And I gotta say it was a good movie, considering I feel asleep for three minutes (I was watching it around 1am). But one scene that I found hilarious was, when this punk kid called the main character on the phone and said "I'm going to rape you at 3pm. And you better be there". HAHAHAHA…well you probably don't think it's funny, actually reading it now, it sounds kind of sick. But it's funny to me because he actually told her what time and that he was going to do it! HAHAHA, man it was funny. You gotta check out the movie.

Again, I've written too much. I don't believe you actually read this. I would have stopped when I started reading once I finished talking about Chris Rock. Anyway…I bid you farewell.