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June 3, 1999
Page 10

I feel like Clark Kent. You know how when Clark Kent (AKA. Superman) has his glasses on, no one can realize he's Superman, and just think of him as some clumsy newspaper reporter. But once the glasses come off, watch out... because it's the handsome, strong, super hero SUPERMAN.

Well the reason I feel this way is because I changed my look a little, and now everyone is acting like they don't know me. First I got my hair braided; long individuals with human hair. (I spent 12 hours getting this crap done, so you know it better look nice). And I got contacts. With those minor changes, everyone asks like I'm a totally new person. I was walking on campus yesterday, and I would walk by someone I knew. They would look me in the eye and walk by. I'll say, "hey, you act like you don't know me". Once they hear my voice they're like "damn Camille, you look different. I didn't even recognize you".

So this has caused me to believe I looked horrible before or no one really noticed the beauty I was hiding before. I think I just looked that bad before! Anyway, I'll keep this one short and sweet. Stay tuned.