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March 16, 1999
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While driving to school the idea of keeping a journal of my college career popped in my mind. So here it goes my experiences as a Drexel University as a sophomore or am I pre-junior? Oh well, who cares.

As usually I was totally unprepared for my two back to back finals. Actually they weren't back to back, they over lapped! Stupid OSIR. My SOC101 final began at 4:00pm and ended at 6:00pm but my ECON202 final began at 5:30pm and ended at 9:10pm. I wasn't too worried about that though, I could easily explain how OSIR shafted me and caused me to start my final late.

Any who, being the procrastinator I am I came to school an hour early to study for my finals (shame on me). For some reason, it just takes all my will power to sit down and actually study or just read the text book. I don't know why, because I see other students reading their text books all the time. Anyway, I was trying to memorize six chapters or SOC and seven chapters of ECON in a hour. I was doing pretty good and was amazed at how interesting my SOC book was. I should have read this book earlier. Anyway, time was running out and I had to run to this test.

Professor Woody Allen (this isn't his real name, you know I have to protect the innocent) passed out the exam. 150 questions! Well, I wasn't too worried because it was the same format as the mid term and I did relatively good on that without studying so I thought this would be a breeze since I studied for a hour before. To my surprise the exam was pretty easy. I actually knew a lot of the answers and the ones I didn't, I just applied some good ol' common sense and when I came to question 149 I knew I should get at least a 'B'. So long SOC!!!

ECON wasn't as pleasant. First of all it was a night class and I usually left at the break and I repeat I have a problem with opening text books, so I never studied, well once but that's a long story. I should have known this was a class I couldn't get by on with my wits, you actually have to know stuff. Well, the good thing was it's open book but the bad thing is it's open book. But I rationalize, I have about three hours to finish an open book exam with 32 questions, so that gives me 5.6 minutes on each problem. So I can look up the answer in detail throughout my book. Well, lets just say my plan didn't work out that way. For anyone who reads this, here's some friendly advise: if you're going take an open book exam please be familiar with the text book (ie. know what chapters the test is on, what topics can be found in what chapters, etc) or you'll end up like me.

After the first three questions I was feeling pretty good about myself because I actually knew the answer. See, you can actually learn stuff by just sitting in the classroom. But it was down hill from there. I had no idea what I was doing. It was a multiple answer exam and all the answers seemed right to me (Note: If you have long classes, try to stay for the whole class, do not, I repeat do not leave at the break). Well the exam began at 5:45pm and I didn't finish (or should I say give up) until 7:30pm. I feel kind of bad, I mean toward the end I completely gave up and left it up the chance. I would say a quick prayer (it went something like: "Please God, which one is it? A or B......I think it you're pulling me towards A). I know it sound pathetic but hey I'm religious (anything is possible through Jesus Christ). So I gathered my belongings and gave the TA who was doing her nails my exam. As I walked out I swear I heard the professor laugh at me.

After a big day like that you better believe I treated myself to something nice. I got a extra value meal at McDonalds (a number 2) and rented two movies. Note: I have no money after I brought the extra value meal. So I don't know how I will pay for the videos (you pay when you return them) and my car is almost on empty. But after those two exams I didn't care, I needed some time for me.


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