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African American Interests

Welcome to my page of enlightenment. This page can be very informative to everyone, not just Arican Americans. I am trying to provide some information about African American History. It all started with my conversation with some guy from Europe (I can't recall the country) a couple months ago. Well he told me that "Blacks haven't contributed anything to our society." Of course I was outraged when I heard this, I told the guy my whole lecture of inventors, scientist and writers. Well he explained that in school they don't learn all this stuff. So I decided that I didn't learn most of this information in school either, so I'm placing it on my webpage. I'm still in the progress of researching more information so please be patient and come back often. If you have a paper or some data you want me to include here please email me, thank you.

  • History Facts
  • Inventors
  • Langston Huges - my favorite poet!
  • The Harlem Renaissance - a period of history I wish I could had expreience personally
  • Civil Rights: A status report - very interesting
  • Malcolm X -This site is a little militant, but I like it like that!
  • Juneteeth- celebrate the end of salvery